Tapps Island Adventure Race

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Come join us for a series of races designed for the entire family. Races will be held weekly for 12 weeks.


When and Where: Every Saturday from September 28th through December 21st. Registration for races begins an hour before race time at the start/finish line. Please show up early so we can begin the race on time and not have big lines at the last minute for registration.


How to Register: We encourage you to register in advance by calling or stopping by the Tapps Island office. Credit cards can only be processed in advance through the office. The Tapps Island Association phone number is 253-862-6616.


Cost: The racing fee is $5 per child, $10 per adult, or $20 for a family. There will be 12 total races through the end of the year. You may pay for an annual pass for all races. $60 for an adult or $120 for a family. If you plan to run more than 6 races, the annual pass is the best deal. Use of proceeds: While there will be some small expenses to put on the race, all proceeds will be donated to a fund for Tapps Island projects. The intial projects are an update to the weight room and the reader board. Your support of this race helps us improve our community.


What to wear: Wear running shoes, running shorts and a t-shirt.


The course: There are three different courses at each race. One for kids that is about a mile long. A medium level race that will be about 2.5 miles long. Also a longer race for racers wanting more of a challenge that will be about 5 miles long.


Volunteers: We will need several volunteers. If you are interested, please let me know. We could use your help.


Sponsorship: If you are interested in sponsoring a race or the race series, please contact Jason Hamlin.


Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Jason Hamlin at 425-691-0175 or Jason.Hamlin@ubs.com. Charitable Runs: For all of the charitable runs (Breast Cancer Awareness Run, American Heart Association Run, Tiger Trot), runners are encouraged to complete a pledge sheet to raise additional funds for these organizations.


As an alternative to running the designed courses, racers may choose to obtain pledges for each lap completed around the outer island. Each lap is approximately 0.5 miles. Please check the Tapps Island Association website for pledge forms.


Family Fitness Challenge: The family fitness challenge will be a series of obstacles and fitness challenges, where participants work together as a team. Each family or team will choose a member to complete each section of the challenge. Each member must do at least two of the sections.

*Family Pass includes immediate family members only (2 generations only-parents 

  and their children).

**Parents/adults escorting their children in the race are expected to pay the entry fee.