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Welcome to Tapps Island

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For installation of Backflow Prevention devices here is a list of suggested vendors:

    • Backflow Installer & Inspector: Jake Wiseman - 253-632-2535
    • Backflow Installer & Inspector: Eliceo Rosas (Mr. Irrigation) - 253-405-1759
    • Mainline Plumbing and Drain - 206-294-9691
    • Cross-Connection Specialists, Nancy Perry 253-318-3156 (Inspector only)
    • Backflow Assembly Testers are listed Here
  • We have had a few calls regarding water pressure problems after installation of cross connection control devices. Looking into it further we found information that was shared with the install teams of the cross-connection control program.
  • All new hot water heaters have an expansion tank because it is current code. Those work with “closed loop” systems, or homes with back flow devices installed.... Older homes may not have an expansion tank installed. In the past, if the water expanded with the temperature the water would be pushed back into the water system. After installing the back flow device, the water has no place to go. The pressure can bust a weak washing machine hose or otherwise cause problems with water pressure in the home. Older homes without an expansion valve on the water heater should contact a plumber to add an expansion valve. There are also do-it-yourself instructions found online if you are the handy person type
  • If you have water pressure problems after installing the back flow device and you have an expansion valve on your hot water tank, the bladder in the tank may have failed. According to manufacturers’ representatives the tanks may fail from 5 to 10 years of installation. That was quite a surprise since I assumed they would last the life of the hot water heater.
  • If you are not having any water pressure problems, you have read too far.   If you need more information you may contact John Clark at gm@tappsisland.net or 253-862-6616, ext 2.
If you see a coyote on Tapps Island: WDFW officials have tips on what people can do on this website