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Welcome to Tapps Island

      For Lake Level Updates View Cascade Water Alliance's website for regular updates on Lake Tapps water levels.

Lake Tapps White River Improvement Project Update

Feb. 24, 2015 - The Lake Tapps-White River improvement projects that required the lake to be drawn down this winter are on track and expected to be completed in time to begin refill of the lake by mid-March as originally projected.

“Currently we are optimistic the lake will be full by Memorial Day, and if possible, earlier than that,” said Chuck Clarke, CEO of Cascade Water Alliance.

The massive improvement projects – at an estimated cost to Cascade of $12-15 million – are being made to allow Cascade to operate the lake more reliably in the future.  Crews are working 24 hours a day to get these projects completed so the lake is ready for refill in mid-March, as projected, barring any unanticipated delays.

The speed of the refill will be driven by the amount of precipitation –rainfall – and the available flow in the White River.  Snowpack will not affect the refill, nor will the water right trust donation recently announced.   The trust donation will instead ensure long term protection of availability of water to refill the lake and guarantees that no one else will be able to use that water other than in Lake Tapps and the White River.

Cascade will continue to keep the community informed of any change in the work as it continues to enhance this system with these improvements.

For the most current information on the improvement projects and lake levels, visit www.cascadewater.org