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Welcome to Tapps Island

The Good News:

"There have been several questions about the lowering of the lake this year. Please hold all darts or flowers until you’ve read it all. Here goes. 

Between now and the end of October, the level will dwindle down until it reaches around 541. Sometime in November it may get lowered a couple more feet to about 539.5, which is about where it was the 4th of July this year. This is done to protect things from wind, storms and wave action. 

In previous years, when PSE owned the lake, it would start going down sometime after Labor Day and continue until around December until it reached an average low of 523.91. To come up with this number, I used data from 2000 to 2008, excluding the 2003 numbers when the lake was drained like it was this past winter.

After 2009, with CWA as custodians of the lake, the low levels reached an average of 533.05, excluding this past year’s total drain. Since 2009, CWA has followed PSE’s recommendations of keeping the low levels below 535 feet. However, after the work done this past year, CWA is confident the low levels can be kept higher at 539.5 feet.

In a nutshell, the lowering is beginning at about the same time as in the past, and will reach its low point at about the same time as in the past. But! Here comes the really good news. It will not go as low as it has in the past.Mud Mountain Dam had 4200 acre feet of storage as of Friday, August 7th. They were able to put most of it into the lake.  The lake is now considered to be full!

For Lake Level Updates View Cascade Water Alliance's website for regular updates on Lake Tapps water levels.